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ASB National Business Awards 2016

The Association of Scottish Businesswomen are very proud to have hosted another very successful event at our celebration dinner on Friday 2nd September at Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow, where we announced the winners of the 2016 Awards.

The Awards celebrate the finalists and applaud the winners across the range of categories:

ASB Most Innovative Start Up Under 1 Year

ASB Employee of the Year

ASB Young Business of the Year

ASB Best Performing Team of the Year

ASB Recognition of Outstanding Contribution, Sponsored by Badenoch & Clark

ASB Professional of the Year, Sponsored by Investec

ASB Most Enterprising Business

ASB Business of the Year

ASB Best Affiliated Group of the Year

ASB is grateful for the support of our Award Sponsors:


Other future events

The ASB 2017 Wellbeing Weekend image ASB 2017 Wellbeing Weekend
ASB 2017 Wellbeing Weekend - Seamill Hydro 17th to 19th March 2017
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