Women of Inspiration Honours 2017

Each year the Association of Scottish Businesswomen honours and celebrates the achievement and contribution of inspirational women in business and the wider community through their Women of Inspiration Awards.

We are delighted to announce that we have honoured twelve such women this year on International Women’s Day. Each woman has been nominated by someone who feels they are deserving of the award; an inspiration to others, role models or leaders in their professions. Women who have excelled in their careers or who have encouraged others and impacted lives in the wider community.

Over the coming weeks we will be profiling each of the Women of Inspiration winners on our website.

The women recognised in the 2017 ASB Women of Inspiration Awards

Jackie Campbell Clydesdale Bank

“Jackie is a huge inspiration to the many people that she comes into contact with. Having worked at Clydesdale Bank for nearly 40 years, she has used her wide network to tirelessly fundraise to help others who needed it more. In just under 10 years Jackie has raised a massive £248,906.84 to help charities such as Roxburgh House, Rachel House and Cash for Kids. She works tirelessly to create interesting and unique ways to raise money. She is an inspiration to many.”

Jackie Campbell, currently having a career break following 39 years with the bank.

Helen Crowley Faith Simpson Accountants Ltd

“Due to a colleague’s sudden leave of absence, Helen was thrown into the role of Managing Director having to take complete charge of the business - taking on all roles including HR, recruitment and business development. Helen took this all in her stride and has helped to grow the company and retain our reputation. Without her tenacity and dedication my business would not be where it is today.”

Angela Dickson Angela Dickson Fitness

“Angela is an extraordinary fitness entrepreneur who inspires and empowers women to be confident, have belief and be the best version of themselves. Her personal effort promoting the HelpLuke crowd-funding campaign is the reason it reached its £100k target in less than 48hrs and is now over £135k. That’s truly inspiring others to take action.”

Dr Tanya Ewing Glaze & Save

“I have been overawed by Tanya’s motivation and determination to grow Glaze & Save into a successful and sustainable business. Her knowledge of the energy efficiency sector has driven the growth of Glaze & Save, all while keeping a keen eye on the company’s environmental impact. Tanya, who suffers from Chronic Lyme disease has achieved some amazing things, both with her previous invention Ewgeco (which saw her win Top Scot for the Environment 2008 and British Female Inventor of the Year 2008), but also in her recent award of an Honorary doctorate in Technology from Edinburgh Napier University.”

Melissa Haddow Little Art School Co Ltd

“Melissa is the driving force behind the incredibly successful, multi-award winning and rapidly expanding Little Art School. Using her varied skill set, years of hard won experience and total dedication, she has built a process-driven, job-creating organisation from a single creative idea. Melissa has transformed a successful project delivering free art lessons to people with dementia and their carers into a registered Scottish charity. The Little Art School Trust SCIO is award winning, self-esteem building and life transforming.”

Linda Hill Miller LAH Travel

“Linda established her own travel agency business 13 years ago and has grown it from strength to strength despite the economy downturn and terrorist issues around the world. LAH Travel has been recognised as a top 5 travel agent in Scotland. Linda personally mentors a group of ABW members helping them to take their businesses to the next level. She is very passionate about all her endeavours and thoroughly enjoys getting involved and helping others.”

Elle Johnstone Moray Women’s Aid

“Elle is the service centre manager at Marleon House, offering a range of support services as well as a safe place for women and children dealing with domestic abuse. She is a lively, strong woman with a huge heart and dogged determination. Working tremendously hard flying the flag for this valuable service, she never misses an opportunity to fundraise. Elle has a unique ability to inspire others; a role model who brings out the very best in people through her own determination and good humour.”

Isabelle Kerr Glasgow Rape Crisis Centre

“Isabelle inspires me with her passion for others and relentless dedication to doing everything she can to keep the centre running and its staff employed. I have never worked with a person who gives as much effort and shows as much empathy as she does. Isabelle’s role requires her to handle difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact, yet she is always positive, smiling and keen to share achievements rather than focus on the many challenges.”

Liz McGettigan SOLUS UK

“From an early career as a Glasgow librarian, with passion and drive to make sure everyone, anywhere, had the right to learn, to knowledge, to literacy, Liz began to climb the ladder of success. Liz stood for those less fortunate, for those who needed help. She saw the vision of digital in libraries long before anyone else and often to the exasperation of her superiors. As Head of Edinburgh Libraries, Liz took us from being just libraries to being award winning libraries, nominated for no less than five top awards.”

Director of Digital Library and Cultural Experiences at SOLUS UK.

Claire Nelson Netball Scotland

“Claire is a one woman trail blazer who is really making her mark on the world of women’s sport. She wants to drive real, meaningful change in an industry that is shrouded in deep inequalities, and to create a platform that would deliver impact where it is needed most – our young women and girls. Claire is also a Girlguiding Ambassador and one of their ‘Wow Women of Inspiration’.”

Kirsty Thomson Along Came Kirsty and CEO of Circle Scotland CIC

“Kirsty’s success comes from her enduring tenacity, wealth of experience and sensible attitude to getting things done. She helps organisations become sustainable and implement essential governance that will help them thrive. Not only does Kirsty give practical support to her clients but her belief in their projects provides essential emotional support to those working hard for a cause they believe in. Kirsty has served dozens of organisations while helping them bring in over £1 million of funding.”

Theresa Wishart Journeycall

“Theresa inspires everyone in her business from the way she leads and cares for the staff she has in her charge. She gives back to the community by getting involved in charity work, she actively advocates hiring from unemployment, and sits on a number of employment boards to give everyone the opportunities they need. Theresa leads a culture that drives staff inclusion and engagement. She is the most inspirational leader in her industry and Scotland.”

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