Timely Accounting

Ensure timely payment of group annual membership invoice (issued by ASB towards the end of each calendar year) to ensure continued group membership of the Association. 

Add Your Profile

Ensure members of the group committee "join" the ASB (free to group members) and create their profile on the Association members directory 

NOTE: ASB committees are now responsible for registering ALL members directly. Our Members help page explains how to do that and to create a useful profile. 

Maintain Your GROUP Space on the ASB Website

Refer to the Group help page:

  • Monthly – remove any expired group members
  • Annually – after AGM - change over old/new group committee
  • Annually - change free voucher code (more often, if large batches of expired members are removed, to prevent misuse of old codes) - sending the code to your members will become obsolete, with time, once committees are all registering members directly.
  • Review content of group page – update latest member numbers, address etc
  • Show new committee members how to complete these tasks after each AGM/change in roles

Promote and Communicate

Group to ASB (and vice versa)

  • Send forthcoming event details to ASB ( for newsletter (monthly - in response to "call for events")
  • Keep a regular ASB slot on your committee agenda, the purpose of which is to
    • Discuss, minute and feed your news, questions, issues to ASB through your rep
    • Table ASB events and news and ensure they are promoted– eg awards, events, forthcoming affiliate group meeting
  • Ensure that the ASB is informed of your committee changes (and new contact e-mails) after your AGM (remember to handover these documented responsibilities and train new members on website maintenance)

Group to Members

  • Promote the ASB, its events, WOI and National Business Awards to members (through your newsletters, website, events and social media)
  • Promote the ASB benefits – including the ability to attend any affiliated group event at member rates
  • Promote ASB Membership (share the free code) and encourage members to join and put their info on the directory (share our help page -
  • Encourage members to submit their own news to the ASB (or blog)
  • Organise the selection process and interview procedure for your nominee to the ASB National Business Awards - Most Enterprising Business Award
    • inform ASB of your MEB winner/nomination
    • support winner with their submission of paperwork and final interview
    • provide a written endorsement to accompany the MEB entry
  • Actively encourage group members to consider entering the ASB Awards – e.g. by identifying suitable applicants; build their confidence to apply

Attendance at ASB Affiliate Group Meeting

  • Twice a year (often bolted onto conference in spring and AGM in Nov) - Invite goes to President and Vice P, but any two committee members can attend
  • President/chair to prepare a short report to present at group discussion
  • Support the affiliation through committee representation at the associated event and affiliates workshop

Members of the ASB committee are available to come and do refreshers for committee and/or support you (at one of your events) in promoting the benefits of free ASB membership.

ASB Awards – Best Affiliated Group

Historically this category has been set for groups to nominate themselves for an award.

From 2019 the award criteria is set to change to include all affiliated groups by default – with an all new judging process. The awards launch will include full details.