Awards DisclaimER

The Association of Scottish Businesswomen is proud to present accolades and awards on Scottish businesswomen.

We have a rigorous criteria which is reviewed twice per year, both before and immediately after awards have been given. During all stages we endeavour to undertake due diligence in terms of those receiving awards; this involves our Committee as well as a wide body of external, experienced judges from the business community. Where appropriate we undertake public domain research or take up references if it is deemed to be appropriate. Whilst we endeavour to ensure the legality of the businesses under consideration, we do receive nominations from unregulated markets; we acknowledge that these can be subjective whilst still operating legally; therefore they can remain eligible.

To deliver on awards we work closely with partners and judges, securing business experts well in advance of the award process being made public. At the closing of the awards should there be any relationship, either personal, business or financial, we undertake due diligence by ensuring transparency and clear water between these parties; all awards are decided by a panel and not a solo judge.

For those who receive awards we hope, but cannot guarantee, that they represent the values of, and remain positive ambassadors for, the ASB.

The Association of Scottish Businesswomen

Updated October 2019