All applications must be submitted online (before the published closing date)

Select the award that you would like to apply for from those shown here 

Please read the criteria carefully. Some awards are only open to ASB and affiliated members. 

REMEMBER - give yourself enough time to:

  • check your membership status is current (or start your aplication as a non member and receive your PIN)
  • gather your necessary endorsements, references (and finacilas where appropriate)
  • complete the form 

Before making your application

Access: Members

If you are a Direct ASB member, please log in to the website before continuing. 

How do I know if I am a current member? First, go to our members directory and type your first (or last) name in the search field. NB:The directory holds current members plus very recent expiries. If you are presented with a prompt to pay your membership fee when you try to login, then your membership has recently expired.

If you are an affiliated member, you will need your ASB member login to sign in before starting your application. Check the members' directory  (keep your search loose - first or last name) and ask your group for your free ASB membership code if you are not on our directory.

IMPORTANT: Your award application e-mail must match your ASB account e-mail or the website will not know you are one and the same person. If you receive a PIN then the system has not recognised you as a member (and is now expecting you to pay).

I can't remember which e-mail address I am registered with as an ASB member? Contact our membership team who will be only too happy to advise and help get you back online.

Access: Non-Members

Select the award you wish to apply for

Complete your name and e-mail address and continue. Now watch out for an e-mail, with your PIN, which will enable you to return and edit your application.

This will open the application form. NOTE: You will not be able to complete your submission without either payment (£50) or joining the ASB (£30). You will find both options at the foot of the application form. Tip: If you opt to join the ASB you are advised to do that before completing your full application - then log back in to continue. 

IMPORTANT: Your award application e-mail must match your new ASB account e-mail or the website will not know you are one and the same person, and may not reopen an ongoing application 

What Will the Application Form Look Like?

BASIC BUSINESS/CONTACT DETAILS: It may also ask for information appropriate to the award being entered for (eg. age of business, number of employees etc). 

CRITERIA QUESTIONS: Each award page describes the criteria upon which your application will be judged. The application form is structured to ask the exact same criteria questions. 

REFERENCES: Every award requests two references. The Most Enterprising Business Award also requires the written statement of nomination from your affiliated group.

FINANCIALS: Some awards require financial figures (turnover/profit). Where an award requires this data, the award description page will advise, and the form will present you with boxes to complete. Please be assured these are treated in the strictest cnfidence, and are only visible to the ASB awards team and the judges. 

It is advisable to collate this additional data/files in good time to complete your application. Our judges will assess your entire application based on the information you supply - so please read the award description carefully so you understand what information will be requested.

Making an application

ASB members should log in to the website 

Return to the ASB website and select the award you have applied for. 

Begin your application. Your award application e-mail must match your ASB account e-mail or the website will not know you are one and the same person.

You can return to your application form to complete online at a later date, and as often as you like, before submitting.


I thought I was a member of the ASB but I am not  listed? 

It is quite possible your membership (either direct or with your group) has expired. Contact our membership team who will be happy to confirm your current ASB membership status

Can I look at a form before applying?

You would need to commence an application in order to view a form (not ideal). However, read our "What will the application form look like" for a more detailed understanding of what to expect.

I am listed as an ASB member but cannot remember my login?

Is it possible you registered with a an old e-mail address? Try that first. If you no longer have access to that e-mail address then contact the membership team. You can request a password reset at anytime through the website.

I am trying to apply for one of the "members only" awards but cannot see it on the pick list?

The system knows which awards are available to members only. To access Employee of the Year,  the Best Affitliated Group, or Most Enterprising Business, the person submitting will need to be registered on the ASB website.

I started an application but now I cannot see it to complete it?

The most common reason for this is a mis match betyween your ASB registered e-mail and your application e-mail. But please don't worry - contact the awards team as soon as you discover a problem and we will help you get back on track.

I can't seem to see all the categories on the awards drop down list?

Some categories are only open to members or groups. If you are attempting to start an application for any of those categories, you need to be registered as a member on the ASB website members directory.

From time to time, mobile devices may restrict your viewing and make it difficult to see a complete pick list. We would advise try another device first (laptop, tablet) to check.

Still having a problem? Got a question?

We are here to support you in your application for the ASB National Business Awards, so please, if you have any questions at all, or hit any tecnical glitches, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you on your way.