By: Morna O'May. Published: 9 Apr, 19
We are all ageing - and that's a good thing!

There’s lotions, potions, creams and make-up. Shampoo, moisturisers, face masks and toothpaste. There’s anti-ageing diets promoting superfoods, revitalisng drinks, vitamins, herbal mixes, homeopathic remedies and juicing whilst at the same time we read the latest story about the oldest person on the planet reaching that age on wine, chocolate and a maverick attitude!

We’re told about anti-ageing exercises, treatments, laser surgery, sun lamps and cosmetic procedures. We’re advised on clothes, underwear, hairstyle, hair colour and even eyebrow shape!

So what about it?

There's simply so much good stuff happening in the third sector...

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