Can You Really Do A Business Plan On One Page?

By: Gloria Murray. Published: 30 Sep, 19
The simple action of putting the most important things about your business on one page is mind blowing! Please note it wasn’t my idea but a concept first introduced back in 1996 by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton two very famous management consultants in the States in their book ‘The Balanced Scorecard’.

They've use it for many years with large and small businesses to great effect....and so have I. It's one tool I've developed with many business owners and I've helped them achieve great results in as little as 12 months.

Some of the results have been phenomenal at times, like an extra £120,000 in turnover or 1019% in profit. The very act of committing it to paper and using your mini-business plan as a working document - not something to be put in a drawer and forgotten about - allows you to focus on the areas important to your business and to achieve the results you want.

So you have to start off with your end in mind but also in reference to where you are just now. After all if you were on a journey you would know your starting point and end point and design your journey based on other factors like mode of transport, known problems, how quickly you want to get there etc.

That's exactly where the One Page Plan starts and you then design your key indicators around the areas you need to concentrate on. These are what we call your Key Performance Indicators. But even more importantly for growth ... your key predictive indicators, we call these Your Key Underlying Success Drivers which helps you future proof your business. These drivers will tell you how well your business will do in the future - crystal ball anyone?

If you’d like to know more about the one page plan come along to my next live event. As well as going into detail on the one page plan, we’ll be covering pricing and promotion. You'll learn processes that you can take back to the office and get the things you learn actioned immediately, effectively transforming your business in a day.

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