Covid Routine

By: Caroline Trotter. Published: 28 Jul, 20
Busy doing nothing?

As a photographer I now have virtually no business with weddings being postponed, family portraits cancelled etc etc.

However I am a great believer in the ‘silver lining’ of bad situations and I think that a lot of good will come out of this awful virus - as it is already. We are seeing small local shops being supported and communities coming together to work together and look out for each other. I sincerely hope that this will continue after we finish with lockdown.

As a small business owner working on my own I see the huge value of still having a routine.

My daily routine is now a bit different to BC [ before covid]. With lots more time on my hand and a sack of flour [ I didn’t panic buy - I always have a sack of flour+ in the house] I decided to put it out there on the Local Facebook page - Lundin Links & Largo Community, that I would make bread for anyone in villages if they wanted to pick it up on their daily walk.

The response was really positive, and so far I have made over 40 loaves!! 138 likes and 190 comments. If only my other posts would generate that much interest!

What it has done for me is it has given me a daily routine .

Up at 7am, knock back the dough from the night before [ two risings makes for a better loaf] pop it into tins to rise. Take the dogs for a walk. Have breakfast. Bake the loaves which have now doubled in size. Household chores for the 30 mins it takes to cook. Which takes me to 9.30/10am and neighbours can pick up the bread from my studio from 10am onwards. I leave it in a basket with the studio door open. I just ask for donations to cover the flour.

I then do office chores; blogs, things on my to do list that have been there for over a year [!], including a deep clean of my office. I even came across some origami paper I have had since a child - anyone remember that craze??

What this has also achieved is a greater awareness of who my neighbours are - some I have never met before. It’s a real feel good factor. I have received plants, seeds, bottle of whisky etc. as a thank you from appreciative locals. It’s very uplifting. And who knows as they now know about me – maybe they will come back for family portraits.

As for Fife Women in Business we have just started doing our regular networking meetings virtually using Zoom . This seems to be working quite well and is reaching out to those that are isolated and want some support. We are having a committee meeting next week this way too. And guess what - we have a full compliment of committee members attending!!!