Do you ever suffer from “imposter syndrome”?

By: Gloria Murray. Published: 18 Mar, 19
Have you ever felt like a fraud or that you’re not good enough at what you do and one day you’ll be ‘found out’? These feelings are much more common than you’d think and I’ve certainly suffered from them myself in the past.

What struck home to me was hearing someone I admire and look up to describing how he’d felt this too. He’s had a really successful career and helped the company he worked for at this time set up a new part of their business and make millions from it. So we can all fall prey to this at one time or another.

The thing is to recognise it when it shows up and start to look at the patterns of behaviour that might set it off. It’s too easy as business owners to continually reinforce negative thinking in ourselves as we don’t have someone further up the line to speak to about this.

Having someone you can talk to about your business really helps and that’s where my mentoring groups can help. If you’d like to find out more email or call Gerry on 0141 889 4247.