How Does Your Garden Grow?

By: Gloria Murray. Published: 29 Apr, 19
I love to grow things, particularly vegetables and when I went out to the Polytunnel at the weekend I got such a shock. There was Miner’s Lettuce (or Claytonia if you know the proper name) everywhere. It’s a winter lettuce and grows really well outside but I’d planted some in the Polytunnel for over winter as I knew it would keep it in much better condition.
It got me thinking about the parallels with business. If you plant something in the right conditions, with the right amount of heat, light, nutrients and water it will grow strong. You don’t need to be constantly watching it, but you do need to look out for the signs that tell you it’s not thriving and know what those signs mean.

It’s the same with your business, you need to provide the right conditions for growth. Know what they are and your business will thrive. Your equivalent is customers, marketing, team, profit and cashflow. Get all of them right and your business will thrive. But if you have the wrong customers in the wrong environment, you don’t have enough profit, your team are wrong or you’re running out of cash then you will struggle to grow your business.

If I’d tried to grow tomatoes over winter in an unheated Polytunnel I wouldn’t have any plants left. They would all have succumbed to the cold and damp and I’d be looking at a lot of rotting plants. However plant them in the Polytunnel in June, after looking after them in a warm environment since February/March, they will grow strong and reward me with plenty of fruit from the end of July.

When I started off growing vegetables I would read as much as I could and learn from experienced gardeners on TV, radio and real life. It takes the same input and energy to learn how to grow your business. That’s why I run mentoring groups and various events over the year. This is your way of learning what you need to know, rather than making costly mistakes and taking time.

My next mentoring group is due to start in June, I’ll be posting more information about this soon. If you want any further information just leave me a comment or email