To  undertake any of the tasks detailed within these help pages you must first ensure you are:

  1. Listed as a member on the ASB website AND
  2. Be showing as a member of your own group AND
  3. Be listed as a group committee member (with a role which carries an ASB website admin function)


Group Admin is not a specific login or access, but comes automatically with certain group committee roles, when listed as such, on our website.

The following committee roles automatically carry ASB website Group Admin: 

President ~ Vice President ~ Membership Sec ~ Administrator ~ ASB Rep

Simply log into the ASB website as yourself and, provided you have been assigned one of the above roles in your group, you will have administrative control of all group edits.


First check they are not already registered - go to the Member directory area and search (first OR last name only, not both). If you find them but listed as a direct member  - skip to 'claim' a group member below.

  1. Make sure you are logged OUT of the ASB website
  2. Go to the Join Us page ( and click the Join the ASB Now button
  3. Add the name and business name, tick box and click continue
  4. Now add their e-mail and continue
  5. Select the correct group name and add the voucher code and click REGISTER
  6. An account has now been created
    1. E-mail/cc to advise the new member. We can then watch for it at this end and safely activate the account.
    2. Advise your new member that their account has now been created, and that they may see an e-mail to activate their account. They can either click to confirm or ignore. If they confirm then it will take them to set their password. Ignore and the ASB will manually activate it at this end.
    3. Include this in your e-mail to them. "To create your password, login to the ASB website here with the registered e-mail address,  type any password, click login, the page will present a ‘reset’ tick box. A reset e-mail will go the same account to enable them to then create a new password"


Committee roles can only be set by someone else with an admin role on committee.

Add A New Committee Member

Committee members must FIRST be registered as general Mamebers - see above 'Register A New Member to Your Group'

  1. Log in as yourself - the website knows you are an admin if you have the correct group admin role assigned.
  2. Now click GROUPS (button top website), click your group logo.
  3. This opens your group details page. Scroll down below the general info/announcements/member focus etc to the first batch of Committee images. That is who the ASB website sees as your committee.
  4. If none of your current committee are showing you can either:
    1. Contact a “visible” administrator (President, Vice President, Membership Sec, Administrator) then ask them to log in and change you from General Member to your committee role.
    2. Contact ASB Membership Team and request your role change 
  5. Once you have an admin role - go to GROUPS again, open your group and locate your other committee members in the members area*.
  6. Click your committee member (in the members area)
  7. As group admin you will now see a Group Role field at the top of their individual profile page below the header but above their biog. Click to reveal a pick list. Select the relevant role and save.
  8. They should now appear in your committee area. Remember to also invite/add them to the Affiliates FACEBOOK group.
  9. Now remember to show your new Group Admins how to maintain the group area.

*Remember - for a member to be moved into your group committee area, theymust first be showing as an ASB group member. Visit our Member Help Page for details.

Remove A Committee Member

Anyone with a group admin role can put a committee member back to General Member when they step down.

  1. Log in as yourself - the website knows you are an admin if you have the correct group admin role assigned.
  2. Now click GROUPS (button top website), click your group logo.
  3. This opens your groups details page. Scroll down below the general info/announcements/member focus etc to the first batch of Committee images. That is who the ASB website sees as your committee.
  4. Click the individual
  5. As group admin you will see a Group Role field at the top of their individual profile page below the header but above their biog. Select “General Member” (from the Roles list) and save.


Any admin role can update their group content. 

  1. Log in as yourself (if you have one of the admin roles). 
  2. Open “Edit profile” in your own profile, then scroll down to “Edit Your Group”. 
  3. Update content and save.

Uploading images:


  1. Click the landscape format box - takes you to your file manager. 
  2. Select your image. This returns you to your profile page with the image inserted*. 
  3. SAVE. 
  4. Image not there? Refresh your browser/clear cache. 

Banner: Your space to place an image which grabs your readers attention.

  1. Click the banner location. Takes you to File Manage.
  2. Select to add an image which represents you or your business. Not the right size? Resize (in another programme) to size guidelines shown and upload again*.

NB: Any text placed in the "Heading" box will be superimposed onto your banner once your profile is saved.

*Image sizes – while you can simply drop an image in, it is better to resize as recommended, in another programme to prevent cropping, poor position or distortion. 

TOP TIP: If your banner appears to not be loading then it is probably a caching issue. Clear your cache via your preferred browser (e.g. in Chrome it is via More Tools/Clear Browsing Data then tick the Cached Files and Images). Exit your browser and go back in. If it is still missing then send an e-mail to the ASB website administrator who can take a look.

Troubleshooting Headshots: see the members help page for full details including troubleshooting. 

Change Free Voucher Code

Any admin role can view/update their code.

  1. Log in as yourself (if you have one of the admin roles).
  2. Open “Edit profile” on your own profile, then scroll down to “Edit Your Group”. You find the current code at the bottom of that section. Pick a code which cannot be guessed (min 6 characters) and save.
  3. Amend and "save group settings"

Groups must change the code regularly to prevent misuse - and in any case every 12 months.


Once someone fails to renew their group membership you need to remove them from your group area. 

  1. Go to GROUPS (button top website). Do not attempt this action using the filter by group on the main MEMBERS directory - this function is only available on the group page.
  2. Click your group and scroll to batch of Members images at the end of group page.
  3. Select the member you wish to remove. 
  4. Click the X on the top of the appropriate image to remove. This is quite safe! You are not deleting them. Though they will no longer visible on the website - they do drop into the ASB renewal zone where they will be invited to join direct (or rejoin a group).

NB: You cannot delete a members account – only the individual or an ASB admin can do full account deletions. 

It is important this task is carried out regularly (once a month) to prevent the risk of a GDPR violation claim against both the association and you, as the responsible group. 


This only applies to a DIRECT ASB member who subsequently joins your group.

  1. Go to Members (top right) and SEARCH (keep your search quite loose – e.g. first or last name only). Remember – the general members’ directory doesn’t show anyone without a profile image or whose ASB membership has expired. So don’t just look for them on the gallery.
  2. Click on the member you wish to add to your group. You should now see a blank Group Roles field above their main biog.
  3. Click to reveal pick list - select “Add to Group” (and save). This brings them into your group.
  4. Now go back to that member again and update their Group Role to “General Member” (or a committee role if they have joined committee)

A member can only currently show in one group – and this is linked to their login and cannot be changed. If a member changes groups while they are still a subscribing ASB member, and you want to “claim them”, then you will need to contact an ASB admin to do that for you.


If you do discover a member has two accounts then DO NOT attempt to delete an account using the "X" function. This doesn't delete but drops them into the ASB expiry process when they are not actually expired.

Instead, we advise you contact the member to understand which account is correct and then forward details to the membership team to arrange for them to be merged. Please remember to include links to both accounts. If you can also provide details of which account they wish to keep (i.e. content) and which e-mail address they wish that to be registered against, we will do the rest! 

NB: It is important members renew their membership using their registered e-mail address to avoid account duplication. This will ensure they retain your history, content and any blogs created. Our website offers full flexibility to update the account e-mail at any time, so there really is no reason to create a second account. If you want to check if a member already exists on our directory, go to “Members” (top right) and SEARCH (use either your first or last name, not both). TOP TIP: Member listings with no image do not show on the main directory page, so don’t simply "look" for them there. 


Groups have three ways to share their news.


  1. Login to the ASB website as yourself.
  2. Open Edit Profile
  3. Scroll the very bottom of the page, to the Edit Group Announcements section
  4. Click Add New
  5. Complete a title and content
  6. Add an image (taking care to edit your image to meet the size requirements)

Date = if your announcement is an event

Expire = date you want the announcement to finish

Active = Disabled (takes out of view), Active (published)

Once saved, your announcement will show on the main Group page.

You can go back in and edit at any time.


Any member can create a blog - the key is relevant content. So if you have some ongoing group storylines you would like to share, then a blog is a great way to do it.

  1. Login to the ASB website as yourself
  2. Scroll the very bottom of your profile page, select “Manage My Blogs”.
  3. Create content in the space provided.
  • Date = use if your announcement is date related. E.G. an event.
  • Type = Member Blog (displays only on your own page & your group page) or Public Blog (displays on yours, your group AND main blog pages)
  • Live = leave in DRAFT until you are ready to publish then change to READY.
  • Header = a strapline for your blog which appears superimposed over the header image
  • Save = Saved drafts will appear as “Unpublished” in a list at the top of your “Manage My Blogs” page. It also remains in edit form on your screen – remember to save often!  
  1. ADD IMAGES: After your first SAVE you have the option to add a header image and also a main image which will be displayed with your blog on the various pages. Note the preferred image sizes.
  2. PUBLISH: When you are finally ready, change the LIVE field to "READY". Note this has now put your blog into “Review” on your list and sends it to the ASB Committee to review and publish. Once published you will receive a notification to say it has gone live. You can still edit even after it is live – but you cannot change the title.

ASB Headline News

Hold the Front page! 

If you have a big news story you would like considered for the Front Page then e-mail us at Remember, our committee are also volunteers with their own employed commitments and businesses to run. So, if your story is “reader ready” then that will help us publish your news faster.  Please ensure you enclose at least one high resolution image. 

The top priority news items appear on our Home Page ASB headlines.


I have forgotten my admin login details.

There is no special admin login. The website uses your personal login (with your registered e-mail address) and knows who is an admin. Follow the steps in our Add a Committee Member section. If you have forgotten your own personal login, use the “contact us” box on the actual login page to retrieve your e-mail address.

Can I make myself a group admin? 

Committee roles can only be set by someone else with an admin role on your committee (and must be showing in that role on the ASB website). If all your admin roles have left committee, then contact the ASB to have your role changed.

Can a member move groups?

Yes of course. We encourage members who move to keep/reuse their profile but change their affiliation (then they won’t lose profile details and blogs etc). However, a member cannot change their group themselves (except at ASB membership renewal stage), nor can a group admin "claim" them.

If they move groups part way through an ASB annual subscription, then you, or they, will need to contact an ASB admin to get their affiliation changed. It is important they don't create a new account (with a new voucher code) as this results in duplicate accounts (and potential loss of old content including blogs)

Can I completely delete a member? 

You cannot delete a members account – only the individual (or an ASB admin) can do full account deletions.

Can I edit a group member's profile content?

You may only do this if you have the members' express permission to do so.

Login as yourself and go to the relevant member. Click "edit profile" to open their fields for editing. Then complete in the same way as you would your own profile - and save.

How do I change our ASB free membership code?

Only Group Admins can change the code. See the Change Voucher Code section

Can I change my own login e-mail?

Yes you can. Login with your old e-mail address. Go to edit profile and change the e-mail adress field. This automatically changes your login e-mail. Your password remains the same. If you are registered with an e-mail you no longer have access to use the “Contact us” link as above.

Why are our logo/header images fuzzy?

Your image resolution is too small. Upload again or update with a new higher resolution image - taking partcular note of the image size specification.

I have added an image but it's still not updated

If your image is in the correct space, your browser may be caching (viewing an old version of the page). Refresh your screen and clear your cache in your browser.

Why has our blog not been published? 

Check that you have changed the LIVE field from "Draft" to "Ready". This sends your blog for review by the ASB committee before publication. Once published you will be notified. This can take a few days. 

If you have had your notification but still cannot see it in the group/public blog section, then check you have set your Type to the correct parameter.

Why does one of our members have two listings?

At some stage they will have renewed/rejoined with a new e-mail address. The website cannot know they are one and the same person so will have created a new account for a brand new user. See Duplicate Accounts for details


If you are unable to find the answer to your question here then please do not hesitate to conatct us at

Page last updated 08/01/2019