Affiliate membership is available to membership based business groups, operating under their own constitution, while also aligning with the aims and objectives of the ASB. We currently have nine affiliated groups across several regions of Scotland

To Become and Affiliated Group

Affiliated membership of the ASB currently costs just £3 per registered group member per annum (£4 from subs year 2021 and subject to a minimum charge). Contact us today to discuss your entry level and payment terms.

Benefits of Affiliating your Group

  • Your members can attend other affiliated group networking events at member rates
  • Public Liability Insurance cover for events which extends to all affiliated groups;
  • Annual meeting for up to two representatives of Affiliated Groups with the aim of collaborating with groups nationwide to offer depth and breadth of support, knowledge transfer and to develop national products and services for all members; 
  • Membership of a closed online affiliate'ASB committee Facebook forum;
  • Support from ASB committee for guidance on constitutional matters;
  • A voice at Scottish government meetings;
  • Influencing the direction and operation of ASB via your Affiliated Group Committee; 


If a group, wishing to be affiliated to the ASB, is in a geographical area already serviced by another affiliated group, then that current group shall first be consulted in accordance with the ASB constitution..

A Full Group Promotion Page

A self-managed page on the ASB website for each affiliated group to promote their contact details, news and events

Promotion by the ASB

The ASB actively seeks to recommend affiliated groups to direct members who may wish to be part of a local geographical network.

Free Individual ASB Membership For Your Members

Your members receive a code (over which you have complete control) to sign up for ASB Individual* membership at no cost to them.  This provides them with all the related benefits of an Individual member* - for as long as the group itself remains a member - and for as long as they remain a member of the affiliated group. See full details of our *Individual MEMBER BENEFITS

ASB Contact

An ASB contact to help you to manage your own ASB web page, member renewals and much much more. 

Early Access to Sponsorship Deals

All ASB members may benefit from early visibility of event sponsorship opportunities, many of which offer increased exposure through award sponsorship and judging, more individual memberships for your employees and free tickets to our national awards. To see our full sponsorship pack, please visit our sponsors page