Cariss Moir - ASB Business Award Winner 2017


We provide bespoke staff training & development to 
help our team to follow their dreams         

What is your current role within the company?


What is your background prior to working for this company/setting up your company?

Ex Wren, Retail Management with JJB Sports & BHS 

What makes your company and/or your role stand out?

Our sales process is innovative as in all potential clients have a visit with Sales Manager; bespoke staff training package & development; improved attrition rates due to 3/6 monthly supervisory visits to all clients homes; ongoing succession planning & supervision; Director works hard on personal development; CSR policy – charitable partnership with Strathcarron Hospice.

What is your area of expertise / inspiration?

Managing staff – having worked in retail for so long I’ve witnessed horrendous and unsupportive management on many occasions and absolutely determined that our people with feel valued and worthy. Trying to break the perception ‘that we are just cleaners’ by developing our people by giving them accountability and autonomy

What are your plans for the future?

Short Term – rolling out Team Training Package

Medium Term – to create a ‘one stop’ shop for our clients to include moirs ironing & moirs maintenance

Long Term – to expand into other areas – possibly via satellite offices or franchising 

What inspires or motivates you?

Life in general – work and play are not separate and should have fun across every part of life

TeamMoirs – to make a difference in our clients lives – to make a difference in the life of our Team by supporting them and helping them to follow their dreams