Dianne Teo - ASB Business Award winner 2016


We don’t just train fitness instructors, we voluntarily support them after the course leading to several of them building their own successful fitness businesses.         

What is your current role within the company?

I am CEO of Fatburn Extreme International. My role is to I oversee the day-to-day running of the company. I manage our team of 4 full and part-time staff as well as 46 international master trainers.  I am responsible for the business management and development of our fitness business.  

What is your background prior to working for this company/setting up your company?

I worked for in the Malaysian Sports Board for seven of years; I managed numerous fitness programmes.

I returned to the UK and began lecturing In Sport and Fitness initially at Reid Kerr college then moved to Glasgow Clyde college ten years ago, where I was a full-time lecturer /senior lecturer until last year when I went part-time to focus on Fatburn Extreme. I’ve also taught fitness classes for many years and still teach for Glasgow Life.   

What makes your company and/or your role stand out?

We don’t just train fitness instructors to deliver Fatburn Extreme, we voluntarily support them after the course leading to several of them building their own successful fitness businesses.

We have a phenomenal team that go that extra mile to ensure any issues/queries are resolved within hours which includes international queries from our instructors in nine countries. We are often sending emails to Australia and Asia in the early hours.  

Many think there’s nothing unique about fitness, you exercise and that’s it! We pride ourselves in saying we are a unique fitness brand that caters for everyone from 16 to 60 years, who are unfit to ultra-fit athletes. We specifically focused on hormonal balances enabling significant fat loss in as little as 30 days. We have several proven evidence based case studies conducted by companies who have bought into our brand. Sports clubs are now incorporating it as part of their training too.   

What is your area of expertise / inspiration?

I have years of experience in the fitness industry which has contributed to the development of the company. It has helped me network, plan and deliver a highly-endorsed fitness course that has gathered momentum across the globe. I am prepared to work hard to achieve and meet targets.

Having a business was never my intention however it started from nothing and within months I was receiving numerous queries internationally. Initially I found it very challenging, I had the product however I was naïve regarding business development.

I went through a stressful period when the company lost everything and at the same time I lost my mum, however I was determined to overcome the obstacles and prove to everyone I could do it.  I’ve had to learn business strategies, employment laws, IP audits, book keeping and accounts which I’m not too clever at. I guess I’m very determined and don’t give up easily. Luckily it's starting to  pay off!

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to scale the business to a point where I can afford to leave my part-time work, get eight hours sleep every night (hasn’t happened for past 3 years!) and have time to spend with my family. I want to grow my team. I would like to make the five-part-time staff, fulltime by end of 2017. Most importantly I want to be able to give back to my family and team who have helped voluntarily and supported me unconditionally though my journey so far. They worked late hours without pay when I had nothing and expected nothing in return. They are important to me, without them Fatburn Extreme would not where it is today. I have prepared a 5-year strategic plan which hopefully can make a financial difference not only to the company but to all of them. 

What inspires or motivates you?

Hearing of other entrepreneur’s success stories particularly when they have struggled or started from nothing and developed a highly successful business.

Caring family, friends and Fatburn Extreme staff around me who have been there through the ups and downs. I want them to reap the benefits too. I can’t wait for the day I can make a positive change to their lives.

Our dedicated master trainers who show passion for Fatburn Extreme and give so much, supporting and guiding the instructors to be successful.

Our 1000+ loyal instructors who have completed our course and started their own businesses and in the process made a difference to their participants lives.