JoJo Fraser - Women of Inspiration 2019

Mummy JoJo

"I’ll never stop the conversation around mental health, ensuring that others know they are not alone"

JoJo is a bestselling author who has opened up about mental health through her book, podcasts and speaking, actively sharing her life experiences to help others get their mojo back! She opens up conversations that people thought they would never be able to start. JoJo talks about all kinds of taboo topics, including her husband’s previous gambling addiction. The business started at the kitchen table and is now Scotland’s top well-being blog. People in the mental health industry write to her to tell them they are using her book at work. She talks on BBC Radio Scotland most weeks about mental health and her message of spreading kindness. She gives public guest podcasts, goes into places of work, speaks at schools, and is often dubbed the queen of positivity! JoJo is an advocate for women in Scotland and beyond, a lady with a huge heart and a big ambition to take Mummy JoJo globally.

Please describe what your current role within the company is

Author, Motivational Speaker, Podcaster and Mental Health blogger

Please tell us about what inspires you, and what this award means to you

This award means the world to me. I have been plugging away for years and I care so much about what I do that it sometimes keeps me awake at night. Although mindfulness is helping me with this as we need to sleep and I need to practise what I preach!

I am blown away by the response I have had and by how many people write to me to say I have had a positive impact on their mental health.  When my Dad was diagnosed with severe depression, it was both a heart-breaking time and a steep learning curve. This was the inspiration for me to make a change, to address my own issues with anxiety and to become a leader in the field of mental health and wellbeing.  To have a book published and to have built a well-known brand, that is making an impact is the best feeling.

I’ll never stop the conversation around mental health, ensuring that others know they are not alone and that there are so many toolkits in place. I have used a lot of the toolkits to help overcome my own battle with anxiety and critical thoughts which has been the ultimate mojo injection.   I see the work I do as urgent because there is a severe lack of resources and I want to do what I can to help. I am now a wellness geek, I am constantly reading, researching, attending courses and collaborating with amazing people in the industry.