Lindsey Porter - Women of Inspiration 2019

Yoga Nu U

"I’d like to dedicate this award to everyone’s greater mental wellbeing"

As a yoga teacher, Lindsey is hugely inspiring with her drive to promote yoga for mental health, through her own yoga business and by creating a strong community of yoga teachers and followers across Scotland. She is actively supporting The Mental Health Charter for Physical Activity & Sport and raised a huge amount of awareness through organising an event for MSPs at the Scottish Parliament to highlight the benefits of yoga for mental health and wellbeing. She co-developed a calendar of Scottish yoga teachers in different postures representing a variety of mental health quotes from SAMH charity at ‘Camera Obscura & World of Illusions’ in Edinburgh, raising over £2,500 for the charity.

She is connecting the yoga community and beyond through recording a series of podcasts ( interviewing a number of big-name yogis from around the world. Lindsey’s passion and desire to build a community that is so much bigger than her own students in order to promote important topics like mental health is inspiring.

Please describe what the company does

Yoga Nu U is about embracing & accepting who you are - on and off the mat and in the community. Exploring boundaries and finding new edges. Making yoga accessible and keeping it real. Based in Scotland.

Offering a range of yoga and wellbeing based sessions, workshops and retreats for all parts of the community from children to patients in care homes and everyone in between.

Please describe what your current role within the company is

I am the founder and inspiration behind Yoga Nu U.

Please tell us about what inspires you, and what this award means to you

I am passionate about sharing the benefits that yoga can bring to all minds and bodies. The power and support of community inspires me. This award is a privilege to receive and I’d like to dedicate it to everyone’s greater mental wellbeing.

Lindsey is also a voluntary Board Director and VC of CVS Falkirk & District