Liz Cameron, Scottish Chambers of Commerce - Women of Inspiration 2018


 I am motivated every day to make use of my position to influence real change,
sow the seeds, and then tend to the garden

 What is your current role within the company?

Director and Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce Ltd 

 What is your background prior to working for this company/setting up your company?

 For the last 30 years, I have set-up businesses from scratch as well as growing well-known organisations in Scotland. I have established highly influential and impactful mentoring and business support programmes, spearheaded employment & job creation initiatives and influenced change in social & economic policy development, leading to further successes in setting up education + business partnerships  as well as personal contributions to the social/charitable enterprise sectors. 

What makes your company and/or your role stand out?

Scottish Chambers of Commerce – as a company – has a stand out ability to innovate and keep up with fast paced changes in the economy as well as responding to the needs of its vast membership. This often involves leading private sector partnerships to effect positive change in the economy and respond to challenges/opportunities, as well as introducing new business ideas to Scottish & UK Government, to fundamentally create a positive economic environment.

My role is to both lead and develop the agenda on behalf of a diverse membership base and influence change. The extraordinary dimension of my role is the wide range of customers – from private sector to government to public agencies to media – which enables me to make a real difference in our approach and direction. Ultimately, the direct connection with businesses is the stand out element of SCC and my role where I get to see the difference business people are making every day in local communities. 

What is your area of expertise/inspiration?


  • Starting up and growing companies;
  • International trade & exporting;
  • Ability to work across sectors & build alliances: private/public/third/social;
  • Commercialisation & corporate partnership development;
  • Corporate communications & government influencing;
  • Mentoring, leading, shaping & inspiring future leaders.


  • Proving & promoting that anyone “can do what they want to do” – go around barriers that exist and focus on opportunity;
  • Supporting all to realise their own potential, and being part of their successful journey;
  • Making a difference to the careers of those around me and opening up the doors of opportunity.

What are your plans for the future?

  • Company Plans:
    • To expand internationally and “sell” Scotland to the world;
    • To develop new commercial models;
    • To work with Government(s) to change the way they support businesses and others;
    • To expand leadership & talent development opportunities.

What inspires or motivates you?

  • My inspiration has come from my “mum”  – treat everyone equally; and work hard for what you want to achieve.  I have always aimed to instil this valuable life lesson to all around me – from my two (now adult) children, to my team at SCC and my wider network.
  • To support and help others in whatever way I can – either to motivate, to build confidence and then watch them grow to become leaders.
  • I am motivated every day to make use of my position to influence real change, sow the seeds, and then tend to the garden.  It is inspiring watching change for the better and knowing you played a small part in achieving it.