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Style Coach. Fashion Stylist . Tour Guide + uncoverer of 'hidden gems' on VIP Personal Shopping Trips and Fashion Tours
Style Coach for Men and Women.
Weleda Wellbeing Advisor

As well as writing a Lifestyle blog at “A Life of Style” I help people discover and build an authentic personal brand that's hiding within them and give them the tools to unlock their full potential, creating positive changes in their lives. Through a journey of personal discovery, life coaching activities and style secrets we let their passion, personality and professionalism shine through, every day with every outfit they wear, creating the perfect visual impact and projecting an air of inner confidence that speaks a thousands words without saying a thing.
Through individually tailored 1-to-1 coaching programmes we set specific goals for each person and the life coaching element will be unique. We will develop the skills for wearing clothes right for your colouring and body shape- which enhance natural features and make each individual glow with inner confidence. For example...
Looking to give your social life a boost? Back on the dating scene and single after a long time? Embarking on a new relationship, or looking for a potential partner? Last ‘first date’ over a decade ago? Feeling things have changed a lot over the years and your confidence and self esteem had a big knock ? We can help by giving you tools and strategies to rebuild that confidence and reboot your self esteem to put your best foot forward in your search for the perfect person for you. Discover what your current wardrobe is saying and make the necessary adjustments and maximise what you have. If you find yourself looking for a new job having been made redundant, or if you are returning to work, starting your own business, going for promotion or looking for a new job we will help look and feel confident, capable and professional in making a great first impression so your skills can be highlighted to your best advantage.

C.E.O OF YOUR LIFE -for business owners, entrepreneurs, senior management and professional roles. Where personal brand really counts in getting your intended message across to the world, without saying a word.

Got a business or charity black tie dinner or event on the horizon, a wedding or other special occasion or been nominated for an industry award? The RED CARPET READY Package will give you the means to turn heads in the right way.
Feeling at a bit of a loss with your sense of style. Feel in need of an injection of ‘something’ into your wardrobe to give it a boost, and someone to point you in the right direction. STYLE COMPASS RESET can provide the perfect solution.

JET SET, GET SET…AND TRAVEL IN STYLE -You tell me where you are going and I pack your bags!
Recently lost or gained weight and not sure how to dress for your new body shape? Time to move onwards and upwards in style. We will show you the styles that flatters your shape, colouring and proportions, giving you a boost and showing you how to look healthier, slimmer and younger without surgery or dieting.

You will avoid making expensive shopping mistakes, your wardrobe will feel less cluttered, you'll feel you are getting great value for money from the pieces you have and will always have something to wear.
You have a professional to support you who has not ulterior motive in getting a particular sale in a particular shop – someone totally on your side who makes shopping fun, relaxed and enjoyable.
Fashion Styling
Our Signature Photoshoot Packages for a special treat for individuals, couples and small groups.
For corporate promotions, editorial work and advertising campaigns. If people are involved in getting the right image and message across then what they are wearing matters too! We can create a variety of looks according to your brief to ensure you create the most effective and meaningful message the resonates in the right way with your ideal target audience.
Fashion Tours and Personal Shopping Experiences.
As a treat for yourself, your partner or a best friend. Escorted and ‘itinerary only’ tours are available across Scotland, in Leeds, York and London. VIP Escorted tours are all tailored to your requirements and interests. Check out website for sample itineraries Connect and arrange a call to discuss your shopping trip requirements or area of interest you want to explore. Likewise if you have a brand, design label or small craft workshop making bespoke fashion items, retail shop or specialist boutique you think should be a feature on one of my tours, please do get in touch and let me know what you do.

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