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I love helping people succeed and I am delighted to be training, mentoring and coaching the next generation of trainers and therapists. I'm currently teaching the Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor programme, Touch for Health Kinesiology and running empowerment workshops and seminars aimed specifically at women.

The Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor programme is an 18-month course based on my top-selling books and training methodologies which I designed and developed over a number of years.Upon successful completion of the programme, Instructors will not only be qualified to teach my work but will also have achieved an OCN West Midlands Level 3 Certificate in Canine Studies and an OCN West Midlands Level 3 Certificate in Canine Behaviour & Training.

As an Author, I have written four highly successful books, and created an
online training platform to underpin the three books in The Pet Gundog series. Excitingly I am currently writing an outline for a series of self - help books.

Touch for Health is a simple system of Kinesiology which helps us focus on health and wellbeing. While many people use it to deal with specific health problems, it is equally applicable to those who wish to achieve and maintain peak fitness and a sense of positive well - being.

Through mentoring, workshops, talks, seminars, or doing something a little different like glass walking or arrow breaking, I love helping people find their inner sassiness, discover their confidence, feel in control and freeing them to walk their talk.

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