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The Innovative Collective seek and support companies who push boundaries, achieving environmental, economic and wealth advances for all.

Scotland has innovation at its heart, that's why we are here to support companies, through Research and Development financial initiatives, hands on activities and widespread promotion so that they can push the technological, scientific and sustainability boundaries across sectors further than they thought possible.

Collaborating with LocoSoco and their extended networks, and R&D financial specialists, we strive to make the economics driving innovation and sustainability in the future a reality for all, engaging the knowledge of the experts and skills of those who can do, to make it happen. Add cryptocurrency, and in particular The Dacxi Exchange to the mix, and we are future proofing the investment options for companies new and old, daring to step away from conventional lending streams, whilst providing the masses with the opportunity to learn and embrace cryptocurrency and be part of a global crowd funding platform.  We drive collaboration, activate relationships and work hands on to get the many companies and individuals out there co-ordinating their efforts to achieve results that surprise everyone including ourselves. Together, in this changing world, we can achieve so much more.

Sector: Business, consulting and management

Lorraine Politi
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5 Rodney Street Edinburgh EH7 4EN

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