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The Home Straight is a new social enterprise offering moving, downsizing and ageing in place solutions for older people. The first of its kind in Scotland.
Founded by sisters Olivia Robertson and Clare Cooper, The Home Straight's core offer revolves around helping older people and their families navigate their way through the daunting process of moving and downsizing to a smaller property, sheltered housing, residential care or nursing home, or, advising if adaptations might allow them to continue to live in their current home safely and independently. Their service also offers advice and guidance on improving people's wellbeing in their current or new environment.

As we grow older, making a decision about where to live is stressful. We don't always understand the options available and moving home is particularly taxing, mentally and physically, especially if family members are not close by or able to help. The Home Straight's goal is to support people and their families through this decision making process.

With 25% of Scotland's population expected to be over 65 by 2020, and the role out of self directed support, and in anticipation of a reduction of current levels of state support for older people in the future, Clare and Olivia are convinced that their services will become the new normal in helping older adults and families move, downsize or age in place and aim to become invaluable resource across Scotland for the thoughtful planning and cost-effective execution of a major life-changing event.

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Olivia Robertson
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