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A recognised Business communication expert who regularly addresses audiences around the world on ” The Art & Craft” of Public Speaking Impact and Presence, and the most effective ways to develop business relationships.

We teach individuals,teams, and organisations to use simply, consistent, everyday actions to improve their performance, leading to habitual excellence.

We focus on inspiring people to achieve by doing the right things – doing them better every time.

Sheena Walker is an internationally known speech coach and performance consultant. A rich history of applying proven strategies to her client’s business, careers, and life.

Sheena is renowned within the fields of Business Development, International Speech Coaching, Public Speaking and Performance Coaching.

Sheena’s leadership within Corporate roles has led to her personal success, which aided in channeling her passion for helping others— accelerating the brand success of established firms by pushing and breaking previous performance boundaries.

Sheena’s Special Olympics background has roots in performance sports and while seamlessly transitioning this learned experience into the realm of Olympic Winning strategies in business and Public Speaking and Pitching for performance.

Sheena still seeks out mentorship from the world’s leading pioneers in Business and Public Speaking. Her proactive approach to self study and complete immersion within related industries, allows Sheena to deliver cutting edge strategies to her clients.

Sheena Walker wants to position her clients in authority roles in their respective industries. She is a licensed practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP), holds a B.A in Business , HR, Organisational Development and the Media.

Is a certified Tony-Robbins- Advanced Strategic Performance Coach and is the founder of Pitch Perfect Guru Speaking System™.

" If you want to bring Champion - Habits to your employees, Sheena is definitely the person to invite to your next event. Her unique experience with coaching Olympic Athletes, combined with her management and business background, will inspire AND educate you or your employees to want to achieve more .... and the beauty of it is ,that Sheena also provides you the " How - To" the tools - to help one to become more productive & achieve more " - EG Sebastian

" I have known Sheena for a number of years and she is an exceptional person, her skills in Public Speaking Know no bounds and Sheena Inspires, motivates and gets folk to push their boundaries . Her intellect is outstanding and I loved the time I spent working with her "

Bruce Taylor Director Oncology Consulting

Masterclass Public Speaking " Get Your Message Heard " at Gleneagles Hotel & IOD London

This Programm is different from any other Presentation skills training. You will be trained using a unique approach to be an extraordinary speaker.
At the end of this 1 day Masterclass you will have the tools and techniques to become a powerful speaker.
If you apply the techniques you personally learned today , I almost guarantee you'll walk away twice as good as when you first came in.
The specialist tools you're going to pick up today will shave years off your learning curve. Plus you'll become the kind of confident speaker who keeps their audiences engaged, excited and entertained

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Sheena Walker BA
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