ASB Lunchtime Learning Webinars

Announcing our FREE Friday Lunchtime Learning webinars

We’re delighted to announce a programme of FREE Lunchtime Learning webinars for ASB members. A trial programme will run throughout the summer with a series of short webinars allowing you to hear and learn from expert presenters, in your lunch hour, without leaving your desk. With a wide range of topics, our programme will have something to appeal to everyone. Just click on the links below to book your place and we will send you all the details you require.

Non-members pay £10 per webinar. If you’re not a member of ASB then join now for £30 to access the free webinars and a whole range of other benefits.

More seminars will be added over the coming weeks so come back to this page for more details.

Friday 26th May 12.30 - 1.15pm
Appetite for Business - Excel Masterclass (Lists)

Let Appetite for Business guide you through this Masterclass giving you invaluable knowledge of Microsoft Excel and some real life hints and tips. In this 45 minute session they will reveal a bag of tricks with a bundle of productivity hacks that will help you deliver better results, faster, by using more of the technology you think you already know. 
Topics covered: Simple Sort, Custom Sort, Autofilter, Advanced Filter, Functions, Pivot Tables 

Appetite for Business

Appetite for Business is a people-focused technology consultancy that supports organisations to achieve cost savings and process improvements by understanding how employees engage and interact with technology.

Appetite for Business offers Consultancy, IT training, Office 365/SharePoint development, document control and on-going support. Investing in your people’s performance by providing knowledge on the most  up-to-date technology, creating higher employee productivity and performance which drives greater business growth.

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Friday 23rd June 12.30 -1.30pm
Eleanor Yearwood, KTPworks - Understanding what makes us Tick, (MBTI personality profiling)

Have you ever had the experience of not being able to understand why people think or act, and as a result of their unexplained behaviour might label them ‘difficult’ or ‘stubborn’?

This is completely common and normal. We don’t always understand our fellow (wo)man and as a result we end up not having the relationship that we might want or need in our professional lives.

In this webinar we will look at:

  • Providing a common language to easily explain the complexities of different personalities using Myers-Briggs (MBTI)
  • Starting with a basic understanding of simple personality differences on: How we take in information, Make decisions, Structure our time and How we are energised.

Eleanor Yearwood, Key Talent Partners

Eleanor is committed to developing leaders, enabling them to unleash their potential, so as to cultivate a healthy environment in which to do productive, fulfilling work. She has delivered one-to-one executive coaching and team facilitation across Europe and the USA for global organisations. As a ‘strengths focused’ coach, she calls on a wealth of skill and experience, plus she has a large tool-kit full of models and techniques available to share with her clients to enable them to grow and develop their ability to lead others.

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Friday 28th July 12.30
Skocia Web Design - Which social media platform should you be using for your business?

Social media expert Lucy Bradshaw will guide you through a variety of platforms, allowing you to see which are most beneficial for your business, so that you don't waste time on those that won't improve your engagment with potential customers.

Skocia Web Design

Lucy is managing partner of Skocia Web Design specialising in bespoke web design and social media training for businesses. She is currently contracted by Business Gateway to provide social media training for businesses. Lucy is also a training partner for the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce and is a committee member of Ayrshire Business Women with responsibility for social medai. She was recently a business mentor for Youth Enterprise Scotland and took her winning team to the finals where they won Excellence in Retail.

Lucy’s passion is connecting businesses and supporting other women in business to achieve their goals.

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Friday 4th August 12.30 – 1.30pm
Janet MacDonald Coaching - Going beyond Stuck!

The experience of feeling stuck is a normal and natural part of moving to the next level in your business and in your personal life. Whether you are:

  • creating something you’ve never done before (developing a new skill) eg a new product, service or direction for your business, or
  • when something you didn’t predict happens eg a change in the market, unexpected new competition, lose your best client etc

Worry and doubt can get in the way of seeing the best way forward. Safe to say we all know what stuck means – we’ve all been there one time or another.

On this webinar we will look at this phenomenon and

  • understand what it is and why it happens
  • what we can do to move through it and out the other side with clarity, focus and ease.

The webinar will have a theoretical aspect and an experiential aspect and to get the most out of it, bring a current experience where you feel stuck or a past experience where you felt stuck and gave up.

Janet MacDonald Coaching

Janet believes coaching is an effective way to help people achieve extraordinary results in their lives by providing a safe and supportive environment where exploration, learning and discovery can take place and new skills can be developed.  She is passionate about empowering people to see beyond their self-limiting beliefs and take positive action in order to achieve their desired goals and outcomes. Janet believes people are most happy and fulfilled when they are making their unique contribution in the world.

Janet is the only person in the UK qualified to deliver the ACE Coaching Skills Training, a life-changing programme that can be learned over 3 days, and utilized with immediate effect. She specialises in supporting teams and individuals to create meaningful relationships, improve motivation, and produce extraordinary results.  

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