EBC Workshops

Date Sat 7th November
Time 10.30am - 11.30am

*Booking closed*

Please email hello@asb-scotland.org if you'd still like to book this session.

Edinburgh Businesswomen's Club is hosting 20 minute workshops from three of their members.

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Balancing Life Whilst Progressing Your Career

Discussing why it’s good for women to have careers, the barriers women face and key themes from Vilo Sky’s Working Parent Forums. Vicky will talk baout how to create a good balance through understanding your personal motivation, boundaries and practicalities, how to manage guilt and sharing the load.

Vicky Zuiderent, Vilo Sky 

Vicky is founder of Vilo Sky, a social enterprise dedicated to creating inclusive workplace cultures via our coaching, training and consultancy services. Since forming in February 2018, Vilo Sky’s focus has been on helping talented, driven, inspirational women to manage their careers during maternity. We soon realised that a woman’s abilities are not the problem. Bias structures and gender stereotypes not only prevent women from progressing at work as they should, they also prevent men from playing a greater role at home. This results in parental and workplace inequality. Vilo Sky’s Working Parent Forums are a series of facilitated networking events designed to support employees throughout their parenting journey. The goal is to raise awareness of the impacts that parental gender stereotypes have on mental health and workplace equality and to create a network that helps everyone find the right balance between family and career.

Survival and Stress – Stop searching for Polar Bears! 

Why the brain reverts to anxiety and depression to keep you safe. Gin will explain how the different parts of the brain step in to take over when faced with stress, and the impact that this creates on our mental health and wellbeing. Once you understand where these thoughts and feelings come from you will be able to look more objectively at why you react in certain situations.

Gin Lalli

Gin Lalli helps people to regain control of their lives by explaining the science behind how the brain functions and by employing the latest evidence-based techniques of positive psychology and neuroscience. She’s also known as ‘Stress-Bucket’ girl…if you've seen her signature presentation you’ll know why!




Mind the Gap! Are you on top of your retirement planning?

Are we all living in the past when thinking about pensions? Are you at risk of outliving your savings? Why do we shove our pension documents in ‘that drawer of stuff’? Why pensions are a gift! Wait... won’t the state take care of me? Meeting your future self and understanding the gap in your planning.

Rachel Stewart, Traprain Financial

At Traprain Financial, we believe that our ‘wealth’ is our loved ones, our health and our lifestyle. We create bespoke financial solutions for both individuals and businesses to protect and plan for these most important aspects of life.

Our Principal, Rachel Stewart, is a columnist on financial planning for Scottish health and lifestyle magazine Hood, the business partner for East Lothian Ladies and an ambassador for the Insuring Women’s Futures project. Rachel is passionate about financial education both in the workplace and more generally.

We provide advice on the following key areas of financial decision making:-

  • Family protection and income protection
  • Retirement and pension planning
  • Investment planning
  • Inheritance and estate planning
  • Business protection

Hosted by:

Edinburgh Businesswomen's Club 

Edinburgh’s longest running women networking club that connects inspirational women entrepreneurs and employees from all industry sectors.