Intro to Thought Leaders

Date Fri 6th November
Time 2.30pm - 3.30pm

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An introduction to Scottish Business Network's Thought Leaders with discussions on inspiring, linking & supporting.

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How we lead at this most unprecedented time

Speaker - Russell Dalgleish

Russell has been a regular participant in ASB events over the last five years both as a speaker and award judge. During his short talk, Russell will share what he has learned from leaders during 2020. He will look at the growth in the desire for authenticity, collaboration and resilience in our leaders and why these are important traits that we must all learn from. Russell will also share his insight in the difference he has witnessed between those leaders who have thrived and those who have struggled in this most challenging of times.

The session will include a Q&A component where Russell would welcome any questions you may have in respect of his talk or simply to see if he can help you address any challenges you are currently facing. Typical questions Russell is asked are

  • When will we return to normal?
  • How do I generate new contacts when we cannot meet face-to-face?
  • What is driving the growing press coverage that women are proving better leaders in 2020?
  • How to are you?

Russell Dalgleish - Serial Scottish Entrepreneur and Investor, Strategist and Innovator 

Russell, regularly named in the list off “100 most influential British Entrepreneurs”, has enjoyed the benefits of a highly successful international career in the technology sector and now focuses his efforts on supporting owners and boards of companies to devise and implement growth strategies to create shareholder value. In his earlier career he has held board leadership positions with International companies achieving turnover more than £200m. 

With core areas of focus being Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategic thinking, he is a regular speaker at events on Leadership in business. Russell is also founding Managing Partner of the advisory group, Exolta Capital Partners and Founding Chairman Scottish Business Network the global network supporting Scottish business leaders.

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Scottish Business Network

Scottish Business Network are an independent international membership organisation for Scottish entrepreneurs and business leaders. They aim to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between their group of talented Scottish companies and a network of the leading Scottish diaspora around the globe.