SCDI Discussions

Date Fri 6th November
Time 10am - 11am

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Join us for discussions, hints and tips about new ways of working productivity in business - hosted by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry.


Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland

Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland has been a leading figure in the Scottish STEM education sector for over 30 years. As support young people through the education recovery it is essential that we equip them with the skills needed by industry, now and in the future. Key partnerships with government and businesses are critical to delivering this mission.

Discussion will cover:

  • Who we are / what we do (bridging the gap between education and industry)
  • Education recovery and the new ways of working
  • Business engagement and importance going forwards
  • Gender work through partnerships

Productivity Club Scotland

Productivity Club Scotland offers free support to businesses by providing a peer to peer network to exchange great ideas to grow and develop your business. Funded by Scottish Government and run by SCDI, the Club launched in late 2019 as a pilot project in response to low productivity growth nationally and expanded across Scotland last month. It was established to create a focus for business leaders to drive productivity in their own business by providing case studies and a forum for discussion around common business areas.

Discussion will cover:

  • Spotlight on productivity in businesses
  • Lessons learned from a year of Productivity Clubs
  • Productivity hints and tips (group discussion)

Hosted by:

Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI)

The Scottish Council for Development and Industry is a unique not-for-profit organisation and we have been working across Scotland since 1931. Our independence from Government and any one sector provides a platform from which we are able to influence policy and legislation at the very highest level. Our national and regional set up provides us with a deep understanding of issues facing Scotland as a whole, but also of specific sectors and regions.
SCDI wants Scotland to be a world-leading economy, one which benefits its people and the planet. Member organisations share that vision and work with us to build a better Scotland.