Clockstudio celebrates 20 years

This year, 2019, sees Moray Business Women member, Clare Lock, from graphic design business clockstudio celebrating 20 years in business.

Voted MBW Business Woman of the Year in 2018, Clare, says of her 20 years in business:

“1999 - the year Britney Spears in her school uniform was in the charts - yep, it was that long ago! I was driving a Mazda MX3. My first computer was an Apple Mac Quadra 800, and floppy disks holding a whopping 1.4mb were still in use! The internet was just starting to evolve (via a dial-up modem). Some people had email and Facebook hadn't even been thought of.

I've worked on many fantastic projects over the years and have had some amazing experiences too. There have been numerous people that have been part of my business journey that I'm extremely grateful to, and many have become great friends. In particular I'd like to thank my four longest standing clients, who have been with me pretty much since the beginning; Biffa Waste Services, The Cricket Tour Co., Learn Italy and Memoria.

And of course, I should mention my husband, Steve! He's supported me through art college, employment and self employment - and all the highs and lows that go with it. Including the days when you think giving it all up might be a good idea! I definitely couldn't have done it without him.

It's been an amazing 20 years and I'm immensely proud to have reached such a significant milestone. When I started I couldn't have imagined having a job that I still love with so many fantastic clients. I'm excited to see what the future holds for clockstudio.”

Clare Lock is a member of affiliated group Moray Business Women and a member of the Association of Scottish Businesswomen.