Jane Graduates as Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs

Jane Duncan Rogers, of Before I Go solutions, has graduated as a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs in October, having been on their year long Bank of Scotland/School of Social Entrepreneurs programme. 

Before I Go Solutions was set up in 2017 to help people to create good end of life plans, and to get them in place before it's too late. Most people think of a funeral and a will when they think of end-of-life, but there are 8 major components to a comprehensive end of life plan, and these are only two of them.

Since the death of Jane's husband, Philip, from stomach cancer in 2011, she wrote a book, Gifted By Grief, about her experience. Readers' response to that book, and the chapter where she asks him certain questions, led them to say they wanted to answer those questions too. This directly led to the birth of social enterprise and community interest company, Before I Go Solutions. 

Jane has developed the Before I Go Method, a course that facilitates participants to work together to complete their end of life plans. For each person who purchases a course, the company donate a place to a carer who would otherwise be unable to attend, so they can then also help the person they care for to complete their end of life plan. 

She has also founded the Before I Go Academy, and has launched a licensed training course to teach others to bring the Before I Go Method to people in their locality. 

In her own words, Jane's mission is to see end of life plans become as normal as birth plans, and to see people able to talk more easily about a topic that is almost taboo, even though it is the one thing that will happen to us all. So we asked her to explain the impact the programme has had on her business

Jane said "being selected for this year-long programme has made all the difference to my business. I met other social enterprise owners, learnt from them as well as the tutors, and was really inspired by the wonderful initiatives that are taking place all over Scotland. Given that 64% of Scottish social enterprises are run by women, I feel I belong now to a great band of women working to make the world a better place. Before I Go Solutions has grown from just me to another 2 part-time workers, we have positively affected over 150 families since we began, and slowly but steadily, people are becoming more at ease talking about all end-of-life matters"

We send our congratulations to Jane, who is also a member of our ASB affiliated group Moray Business Women and as well as being their committee secretary.