Prams with Pizazz donate to Crosshill Hospital

Prams with Pizazz recently had a phone call from the paediatric unit at Crosshouse Hospital enquiring about our prams. They wished to purchase one ... but we had other ideas! We sprung a surprise visit with a donation of not one but two coachbuilt prams to be used by the ward. As a family business with five children of our own we appreciate the vital work the paediatric team provide 24 hours a day. The unit deals with quite a number of long stay babies and the prams will enable mums to take their little ones outside for some fresh air and just enjoy a walk. These prams are ideal as some babies will be on oxygen so the bottles can go underneath and they can still be mobile!  Wishing everyone who uses them happy walks but more so a speedy recovery to all the little passengers that will have had a stroll in them.

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