Close the Gap

Close the Gap has been operating since 2002. The project works across Scotland with those who can influence the pay gap as well as those who are affected by it.

The broad range of partners involved in Close the Gap reflects the fact that the gender pay gap is a productivity issue, a business issues, and an equalities and fairness issue.

In Scotland there is a 14% gap between men’s and women’s full time hourly rate and a 33% gap when we compare women’s part time hourly rate to men’s full time hourly rate. We recognise that the pay gap is bad for business and bad for Scotland’s economy. Companies that treat staff fairly are more productive, more innovative, find it easier to retain skilled staff and ensure that they have a positive corporate image.

The project works with businesses, public sector organisations and third sector organisations to address systems and policies that contribute to the pay gap. This includes advice, support and training. We have also produced a number of helpful publications and toolkits and often host a number of targeted events to raise awareness of the pay gap and its causes. If you are interested to learn more about the project and how we can help your business please get in touch via our website or call 0141 337 8131 or email

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