Scottish Business Network

Making Meaningful Connections

Scottish Business Network are an independent international membership organisation for Scottish entrepreneurs and business leaders. They aim to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between their group of talented Scottish companies and a network of the leading Scottish diaspora around the globe.

SBN Connect

Faciliates introductions to individuals who have been identified for you. These will typically be Scottish Senior Execs.

SBN Amplify

This is their promotion service aimed at raising you and your company’s visibility in target markets and publications and within Scotland

SBN Community

The SBN Community consists of a range online and offline assets, available to you. This includes our member’s portal & access to all SBN events

SBN Research

This is a library of online assets available to you. We regularly commission new research aimed at identifying new opportunities for members.



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Access to SBN Meetings 

ASB Members can attend SBN Meetings. 

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