Ayrshire Business Women

Ayrshire Business Women

Ayrshire Business Women (formerly AABW) was founded in 1994 and is organised by a committee of volunteers.

“The primary goal for the new 2021 ABW Committee is to increase the networking opportunities available to local Business Women, - whilst also raising the profile of the group and promoting the Member Businesses – both internally and externally throughout Ayrshire.”

The new Committee will have some exciting plans for re-invigorating the Association in 2021, and will be focussed on delivering affordable, value-for-money benefits to Members, having already commenced a PR Campaign to attract new women to join the Association this year.

Areac/o MYVO Ltd, Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire
Phone07368 848 762


Ayrshire Business Women. c/o MYVO Ltd, Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire KA1 1EE

Group Activities

We offer a fantastic syllabus of networking events throughout the year.

Guests are more than welcome to come along and experience one of our in-person events once we are back up and running again (Post-COVID), and restrictions are reduced. You will be met by a member of our Welcome Committee upon arrival who would be happy to introduce you to some of our current Members...

This year we are hosting most of our events on Zoom for the time being which include Virtual Speeches by the Members themselves, and a Virtual Members Meeting on the first Friday morning of every month. Our first in-person meeting is scheduled for July 2021.

As professional women, we actively endorse the development of women in business and exchange ideas, opinions, experiences and opportunities between our members.

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Victoria Frater

Victoria Frater

Valkyrie VA

Hi, I'm Victoria. I'm a business coach, copywriter, virtual assistant and CEO of Valkyrie VA. Many business owners find themselves stretched thin, juggling their business and family needs, often feel guilty about spending more time with one or the other. I started Valkyrie VA, to help business owners with tailored services for dealing with time consuming tasks or processes within their business. To lighten the load and help business owners discover their full potential by coaching, taking them to the next level with another helping pair of eyes and hands. As a result, by working with me business owners have more time to innovate, being able to grow their business as processes are already in place and reach their business goals by unleashing their potential. Whilst being able to spend more time making memories with their families and friends

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