British Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Scotland

British Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Scotland

BAWE Scotland welcomes female business owners who employ staff directly or indirectly. The group supports this specific group of female entrepreneurs in networking nationally and internationally with FCEM (Femmes Chefs d'Enterprises Mondiales and their associated business owner groups). In additional we welcome startups looking to grow and Corporate Directors, as they also run businesses and have similar challenges in their business life.

The World Association of Women Entrepreneurs was formed in 1946 and the British Association in 1954. As nothing existed at that time in Scotland, eminent women such as Vera Weisfeld and Marilyn Orcharton, to mention just a couple, joined the National Association. In April 1995 Marilyn Orcharton decided it was certainly time for a Scottish Branch and the launch was held at the Gleneagles Hotel with the support of the National and International Team of Members. Marilyn became our first Chairman and Vice President of the Association for Scotland. Vera Weisfeld was one of our Speakers and Rebecca Stephens, the first Woman to Climb Everest. Scotland started with a small number. One of the Highlights being the World Congress held in Glasgow in 2004 and opened by HRH the Princess Royal. Over these four days the world literally came to Glasgow. It also gave us a chance of showing our International ladies what Scotland had to offer travelling Scotland with them while networking.



British Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Scotland.

Group Activities

BAWE Scotland meets 4 / 6 times per year. Meetings traditionally took place in Glasgow but we are keen to expand this to other parts of Scotland in fairness to all members and to attract members from further afield. We currently meet at Cromlix House in Perthshire and Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow.

Meetings are relaxed and take the form of a mix of social and business networking over a dinner with a speaker for 3 meetings a year in addition to the networking.

Whilst we are always delighted to hear of business being generated through a BAWE contact or from a meeting, our principle focus is on support and discussion of topical business matters and taking a leadership role on issues relating to women in business at a local, national and international level. Business between members is a positive sideline to this main focus.

Members have taken part in talks on Women20 for the G20, at the Scottish Office, in UK Government task force work and in Scottish government meetings to advance female entrepreneurship in the UK and internationally. These events are of course optional and voluntary.

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