5 SEO copywriting business wins for the season

14 August, 2023

By Claire Maclachlan

So dear readers, you do not know me but I know you and this SEO copywriter has a question for you?

Do you know SEO? No! Surely you have heard that it is the talk of the town and that SEO copywriting is the key to getting ahead in the online world!

Luckily for you, this author has a certain experience in this scary online arena and has all the tips to help your business become the diamond of the season, so let us now promenade together (digitally of course) into the world of SEO.

After all one must ensure ones business become the talk of the season this year, you wouldn't want to miss out now would you, that would never do.

So read on, I promise it is a real page turner...

"The social season is upon us"

1. Think of SEO a bit like a new debutante, Daphne Bridgerton let us say (and why not? As good a place to start) In order to get herself a husband as the season begins, she has to showcase her key attributes for all to see and let the men of society find in her what they are looking for.

It's exactly the same with SEO. In order for Google (picture the Duke here it might make it more enjoyable - I know it does for me! )to find your business and move you up the search rankings, you need to push your business to the fore using those words that people are looking for.

A great SEO copywriter will research those keywords that potential customers are searching for, and put them into your copy, making your business the talk of the town and beating off the rest of the competition (who can be ruthless after all!).

2. Now we all know there is no point in being sought out if we have nothing to offer is there? As a business diamond you of course require a closer inspection. That is why content is the stuff of SEO dreams, indeed some would say the Queen, and why an SEO copywriter is definitely your secret weapon.

Whilst there is no doubt many businesses in the competitive online world get hits from admiring suitors, if they and their websites have nothing to say things get a bit dull, and they will certainly find that they are definitely last season's news, the horror!

You dear reader have to ensure that your website has something to say that is relevant and worth talking about, Google will reward you for it after all. The more quality and insightful content you have, the more it keeps visitors interested and that surely is the aim of this game.

As Queen Charlotte said: "I wish to be entertained." So you must entertain your website visitors and to do that you need great content...and to do that you have guessed it, you need a great SEO copywriter.

"I wish to be entertained".

3. Reader where one suitor goes you can be sure that others follow. It is definitely the same with your website, and why blogs in particular are to your business what Lady Whistledown's scandalous offerings are to the good people of Bridgerton, they get people talking, and when people talk about something, others want a look in too.

A blog if well researched, written and importantly interesting, makes for great shareable content, not only keeping existing website visitors hooked but importantly getting more people to your website. Like Bridgerton, In the online world you definitely get points for getting yourself out there and in front of as many relevant suitors as possible, now is not the time to be shy and retiring.

4. Navigation of the online world can be tricky, moving from one social and digital platform to the next can get awfully tiring, a bit like attending all those glamorous balls.

For visitors to your website too, if it is hard to navigate and one page does not lead smoothly to another, either with internal links or calls to action, they will simply leave and visit a much more attractive offering, after all they only have so much time. Effective SEO copywriting can help you work out the best internal links to use within your website helping readers stay on and ensuring that Google rewards you.

5. Reputation and social acceptance is all the chatter in Bridgerton, it can get you ahead, get you invited to the right parties and land you the right husband.

With SEO, reputation and social proof are also rewarded and highly prized. Get high ranking websites talking about your website in a good way, and you will succeed in the Google game. Like Daphne and the Duke, when other suitors saw them together, this was social proof that she was worthy of their attention!

A professional SEO copywriter will research those websites with high Domain Authority (basically those highly ranked like our good old Duke), then work with you to write a blog for them hopefully with a link back to your website included, or provide them with an article or some exciting infographics. It all becomes a bit of a dance, and who doesn't love to dance?

So good luck reader, remember all is fair in Love and War, and SEO (with the right SEO copywriter by your side).


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