How Is Your Staff Feeling?

14 August, 2023

By Dr Yvonne Davies

When was the last time you took the temperature on how your workforce is feeling? Sure, you look regularly at short and long term sickness figures. You also keep a keen (and nervous) eye on anything that could land you in a tribunal. But ask pretty much any employer who's found themselves going through the trauma of a tribunal and they'll tell you that if they could turn the clock back, they'd take a whole lot more interest in how their workforce is feeling.

The average working person spends 30 % of their life at work. So if working's taking up all that time then we must all be doing a job we love, correct? Unfortunately, I meet so many people who tell me they are stressed out with their job, feel undervalued and can't enjoy their time at home with their family because they are waking up in the early hours worrying about their work.

Stress in the workplace often shows up as disturbed sleep, irritability and depression both at work and at home. All these factors can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and issues with long and short term absence as well as performance.

Improving how your staff is feeling doesn't have to be difficult - and it's definitely a price worth paying. You're probably doing some things already. Some companies offer cinema tickets to their staff and others offer gym access or even build an onsite gym for their staff. You don't have to be extravagant as small measures can go a long way in improving staff moral and wellness at work. At the end of the day your staff are your most valuable assets, so it is a no brainer to look after them!

Here are three things you could do today to help your staff:

1. We all know that sitting is the new smoking so remind your staff to get up and move. They could set a timer every hour to remind them to move away from their desk.

2. Remind your staff to sit correctly. If they are slouching at their desk they are not only going to develop back, neck and hip pain, their digestive system will also be affected. Print off stickers that remind them to, "Sit up Straight ?" So every time they look at their monitor they are reminded to sit with a good posture.

3. Get your staff to drink plenty of water. The brain is approximately 73 % water so if your staff are dehydrated, they will not be thinking clearly.

Companies with a great workplace ethos are often the companies who are more profitable. It really is a no brainer!

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