Repurposing your video content to maximise your budget

14 August, 2023

By Amy Reilly

Investing in video content for your business can seem like a big commitment, particularly for smaller companies on tighter budgets. But by creating a video you, in addition to increasing your client engagement, can also make the video work in different ways for you. Along with sharing your video on your website and social media there are lots of other ways you can reuse and repurpose your footage to make the most of what you have. There is a lot of evidence to show that the more your audience hears from you the more they are likely to trust your brand and engage with you. Here are some ideas of how you can get more from your video production.


Your full video will deliver your full message, but snippets of this will also be useful to your audience. You could use these as short tips or teasers for your full service, these are particularly on social media where attention spans are short and you need to get in there quickly. Don't forget to link to your full video so users can get more information if they need it.


Stills from your video can be used to promote key messages, drive interest and hook your audience in to looking for more information. By identifying your key points, you can then use a still from the video with a quote, or caption and a call to action. You can use the same information in several different ways meaning you have a good supply of content for your social media planner.


If you're uploading your videos to YouTube or Facebook, you can use customised and optimised thumbnails to increase engagement. Choose an interesting and engaging still image from your video and add text which will connect with your audience and encourage them to click through.

When you're repurposing your video content it's worth remembering that each social media platform uses different sizes to be properly shared and optimised so always check the spec for the platform you are using. Correctly size content gets priority and will be more visible to users.
Remember your goal is always to point your potential clients to your full length video to get your whole message across, but by turning it into repurposed mini assets means you can get that message out much more quickly and widely and create some great content at the same time.

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