The Story Behind the Publication of "My Route to..." Series

14 August, 2023

By Sheila Hamilton

"I wanted to offer something where technology takes a back seat and we are given an opportunity to spend some quality time reconnecting with who we are, exploring who we can become and building self-belief and natural resilience. It has been a daunting and exciting experience and, rather than it being the end of the road, it is now a new beginning!"

The Concept:
I was approaching my 70th birthday and seriously looking to retire from the more formal type of training that I offered, but I love what I do, so had to look to a new horizon of my own that would keep me energised and motivated. I continue to offer coaching and life mentoring but what was to become of all my course notes I had designed, developed and delivered over the years, other than putting them in the loft or shredding them?

Life is a challenge, filled with good times, bad times, difficult decisions, success and failures but this is what builds our natural resilience. I have been lucky in having the support of family and friends during the tough times, but what if I had not known where to look for that support or wanted to admit I had problems? Who would help me see the light at the end of the tunnel? What better vehicle for offering that support than a personal hands-on, activity-based workbook exploring the key personal and professional development themes of communication, leadership, self-confidence and public speaking?

Who are they for?

There are many books to read on these subjects and journal-keeping is becoming very popular, but what about an activity-based workbook? This series is there to support and guide people along their own route of self-discovery, learning from past mistakes, reclaiming those talents they have forgotten about and empowering them to develop their potential.

They are aimed at anyone who wants to invest in their future, who wants to challenge their "comfort zone", reclaim their talents and are willing to explore their potential. They may need a boost in confidence to return to work, take up a new challenge, set out on a new career track, or are looking to enhance their communication skills to promote collaboration within a team. They may simply be wanting to be able to stand up and speak at the local charity committee meetings.

At present, there are four books in the series and each book gives the individual an opportunity for being informed, working through activities, self-reflection, self-evaluation and positive goal setting. The individual is in control so no time limits and answers can be in any format from words and phrases to doodles and drawings, whatever feels right! The books help establish more positive patterns of behaviour, set out steps towards new horizons and reinforce that individuals' self-belief in their own mental strength and resilience.

Feel like exploring? Your Route is waiting!

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