We believe everyone can learn CPR. It's not just for grown ups.

14 August, 2023

By Kayleigh McDine

The Scottish Government is currently considering the requirement for all primary schools to incorporate basic first aid into their curriculum. In England, all primary pupils will learn basic first aid from 2020 and at Mini First Aid, we certainly hope that pupils in Scotland will soon have the same opportunity. Why wait until any decision is made? We want to help you create the best programme possible for your pupils. Mini First Aid already offers well established Early Years and "˜Kids' classes, to pre-school and primary pupils in Scotland.

Mini First Aid classes stand out from many first aid providers. By collaborating with education specialists when developing our Early Years and Kids classes, we know that our course content is covered appropriately for the age and ability of the child; but also that our teaching styles are innovative, memorable and fun.

At a Mini First Aid Early Years Class, we introduce children to basic first aid and our very own hero Freddie (with story books available). Children learn how to make a lifesaving 999 call, get help and what to expect if they are injured. In our second award winning class, "˜Sit Chop Chew', children learn about safe eating techniques to avoid choking.

Mini First Aid Kids classes are designed for primary school pupils and cover more "˜hands on' first aid techniques. Pupils learn about how to respond to a range of emergency first aid situations including burns, breaks and CPR. Additionally, every child gets a Mini First Aid activity booklet, and a certificate on completion of the class.

Our classes go beyond learning basic first aid. We believe strongly that children are capable of so much more and that children should learn this essential life skill from an early age.

So, if you want to see our Award Winning classes in your nursery or school, share this article with your child's teacher today and visit www.minifirstaid.co.uk

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